Barbara Roettger, CMT

You may have seen Barb's video of two hefty Humpback whales popping out of the calm waters not far from an unsuspecting surfer and a pair of kayakers. You can watch the video below or CLICK HERE.

Read Barb's description about being there and catching this amazing moment on film below!

A note from Barb: I shot this video in the waters off of Santa Cruz about a quarter mile out on Monday Oct 31st. I was in the right place at the right time. A woman came paddling out in a bikini (which is rare since the water temp is always cold- 53 degrees)  to see the whales. (I have since found out that she is allergic to neoprene)  I could hear her say to a couple on a kayak that she was "hoping to find safety in numbers". I replied, "I doubt it" (because it was a feeding frenzy). She said that she had never been so far from shore and she went and sat up next to the couple on the kayak. After she arrived and sat up on her board, a pair of humpback whales came up out of the water, lunge feeding with their mouths open wide for anchovies! She was perfectly positioned to give the illusion as if she was swallowed. The funny thing is that the gentleman on the kayak was more interested in the woman on the surfboard rather than the whale activity and he missed the whole thing! I was using the telephoto on my non-water proof camera. The whales were about 25' away. 

Here's another whale video I took 9 days ago:  -- from a Stand Up Paddle board.

Barbara Roettger, Certified Massage Therapist

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Barbara is a graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage. She has been doing massage since 1983 and has over 1500 hours of bodywork training. Barbara uses an eclectic approach to massage. Her massage is is specifically molded to fit the client’s needs. Pressure used follows the spectrum, from deeper techniques- Myofacial release, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular, Shiatsu and Acupressure. Her knowledge of lighter techniques include the energy work of Polarity, Upledger cranio-sacral therapy, pre/post natal, visceral manipulation and Reiki. Swedish is used for integrating these styles.

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